Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sangita and Her Sisters

WOMEN AT RISK STORIES:Sangita and Her Sisters Went with Anna and her team to tequila dance bar in Thamel. Met Sangita and her story was so so heart breaking.forced to leave school After her single mother needed two heart operations.Serves tables at the dance bars and hates her job.Though it pays her 6000 nepali rupees a month.She became the bread earner for her two small sisters and her mom who is bedridden. If she had the start up capital she wants to start her own cosmetics shop.She is very lonely and her best friend who recruited her for the dance got married and left.We shared the gospel with her and prayed that Jesus would give her a close friend to battle the loneliness she experiences.We also invited her to come and take trainings at Our women at risk ministries centre

Monday, November 29, 2010

Two Angels and the trafficker

Binjuli and Sindhujee were rescued from traffickers and sent to our adult literacy classes.They were so happy to be learning until a few days back.The same trafficker met them on the road and tried to force them to go with him to another country again.When they refused he punched one of them in the face and did not allow them to go.Somehow they escaped and came running to us.We now have them working at our fast food shop surrounded by our guys and in our safe centre surrounded by all 60 of us daily.

Anbujil trafficked twice

She was rescued by the co-coordinator of our ministry on the third attempt.She went for a job to Bahrain and when she arrived there found out it was a job that involved maid work as well as sexually servicing people.She was heart broken and came back to Nepal but did not tell her husband and son.She refused to go again but after relentless pressure from her family she went again.This time she went to Oman and had the same problem.She came back and told her family and her husband kicked her out.She now lives at our women's multipurpose centre and helps in our fast food shop.She is one of the best students in tailoring and we will one day help her start her own tailoring shop.Please pray for this.Her son also will soon be put in a hostel just a stones throw away from our centre.

The Police???

We wish every man would be like this faithful man who serenaded our daughter and married her alas...
One of the Girls that Ruth is now ministering to have been trafficked so many times.Sadly she has become not only a call girl but a kept woman by the chief of police at a police station.She went there several months ago and complained to her that her room mate was trafficked.The police officer rescued the girl and put the trafficker behind bars.Sadly he then turned to her and asked her for sexual favors in return.He has his own wife but threatens this lady that she has to always serve him sexually or else!!!.She lives in fear every day.Pray she accepts Christ soon and then we smuggle her away TO SAFETY.

Ritu Rescued

Ritu 16yrs was rescued(not the girl in the picture)when Ruth went along with many of our partner Ministries and the police and rescued her from a cabin restaurant.She was brought from the village on the false pretext of having her work as a nanny and then forced to have sex with customers.She finally did so because she was locked up and starved.We went and whispered in her ear,that she could run away with us and that is what she did the next day morning.She is now going to school from A safe home,having accepted Christ.The traffickers tried to come and get her back but the police was on our side.Today that restaurant has changed its name.We have not been able to close the place down though.Please pray for this.

Gitu Restored

Gitu was rescued by us and our partners.We found out later on that she was married and had a husband who was a taxi driver.She is now restored back to her husband.He was shocked that his wife was trafficked.He accepted her back though and that was a great victory for us.Pray that they both accept Christ soon as we have shared the Gospel with them.

Situ and her story

Ruth and many ministries in our trafficking network went and rescued this girl.She now lives in one of our partner ministry as they also have a home for such girls.On Easter Day she accepted Christ.Even though she was 17 years old when she came to us she was in danger of being pregnant as she had unprotected sex when drunk but that was not the case.Praise God.Please pray that she continues to get good biblical and academic education.